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USAMS is an international leader in digital equipment and accessories manufacturers.


USAMS with innovative design concepts and a strong product development capabilities as the basis for consumers to offer a lot of great digital products and peripheral equipment, and has been to enhance the quality of life of consumers digitize its mission.


Customer first is USAMS same commitment to customers, but also to gain market USAMS has been the cornerstone of widespread trust and recognition. As with many years of digital products and accessories development, marketing team, USAMS has the highest customer satisfaction for the service goals and willing to challenge any of almost demanding, and are constantly promoting their own development.

USAMS pursue the design and quality of both the R & D approach, and long-term practice with the industry’s highest production standards and the most stringent quality control, and the most competitive marketing team and a complete marketing system to continue to meet customer demand.

USAMS brief profile

USAMS is an international leading digital equipment and accessories manufacturer. Based on its innovative design concept and strong product research and development strength, USAMS has produced many outstanding digital products and accessories, and has been to enhance the digital life quality for customers as our mission.

Customer first is our constant commitment for customers, and this is also the cornerstone of gaining widely trust and recognition in the market. USAMS, as a team with many years of experience in the development and marketing of the digital products and accessories, we aim to meet customers’ the highest satisfaction, as well as are willing to challenge any demanding requirements to promote the continued development of its own.

By pursuing the research and development policy of both design and quality, USAMS has a long-term practice on the highest production standard and the most stringent quality control in the industry.

Also we continuously meet the customers’ need by our competitive marketing team and self-contained marketing system. So far USAMS has set up distribution and service organizations in China and other countries in the world; hence we can provide complete services at any time for customers all over the world who look forward with high-quality accessories.

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