USAMS Portable Car Air Purifier Air Cleaner Home Cleaning Ultraviolet LED Lamp Air Sterilization Oil Diffuser For Car Home Office


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 The USAMS Portable Car Air Purifier is the perfect solution for car and home air purification. It is equipped with an ultraviolets LED lamp that ensures effective sterilization of car air, as well as an oil diffuser that eliminates odors. Enjoy superior air quality as you travel or rest in the comfort of your own home.


1. H13 class high efficiency HEPA filter, purification efficiency>99.9%
2. UVC-LED ultraviolet lamp beads, double sterilization effect
3. Long lasting life, LED lamp beads ≥10000h, HEPA filter ≥500h
4. Small and portable, 250g, 65*170mm(diameter*height)

Ultraviolet Lamp Air Purifier

Purification And Sterilization.
Restore “forest”clean breath.


99.9% Purification Rate
99.9% Sterilization Rate
6m3/h Particulates CADR
10m³ Circulating Purification

H13 class high efficiency HEPA filter, Purification efficiency 99.9%

Laboratory-level high-efficiency physical purification filter, air purifier can filter>99.9%of fine particles such as aerosol with a diameter of 0.3 micron.
According to European and American filtration standards, H13 grade filtration efficiency is much higher than 99.9%.

3 layers of filters

Primary effect filter, HEPA coating, Activated carbon filter.
Intercept PM2.5 formaldehyde bacteria etc.
Barrel-shaped pleated filter, continuous collection of large surface area, no impurities to escape.
All these pollutants can be filtered:
Formaldehyde, PM2.5, Dust, Pollen, Second-hand smoke, Car exhaust, New car odor, Pet odor.

6m³/h CADR cycle, 30 minutes to refresh the whole car air

Powerful turbine power system, tower-shaped air duct drives large air circulation,and quickly purifies to subtle corners.
Up to 10m³ global purification.

UVC ultraviolet radiation

Release sterile air, Sterilization rate 99.9%.
2 UVC-LED ultraviolet lamp beads, double sterilization effect.

Purify first and then sterilize

Remove harmful substances.
Tower type stereo fan+vertical air duct design, pollutants are gradually decomposed and killed.

Slow flashing breathing light

Comfortable without hurting eyes
The ultraviolet light flashes slowly in low light, forming a visual interaction, viewing comfortably without dizziness.
*Prohibit human eyes from looking at ultraviolet lamps for a long time.

Quality Certification

Safe and efficient

More than strong effect

Life is really long.
LED lamp beads, Normal working 10000 hours.
HEPA filter, effectively filter 500 hours.

Small and portable

Your mobile purification expert.
Shaped like a thermos cup about 250g, 65*170mm (diameter*height).
*To get better purification effect,it is recommeded to use the product in a space<10m³.

Wide application

Cabinet, Bathroom, Bedroom, Car, Office, Hotel.

Two-speed design, one-key adjustment

Meet diverse purification needs
In the early stage, open the high-speed for quick purification;
In the later stage, open the low-speed for long-term cleanliness.

Bass run, Almost no presence

Mother-infant-grade mute, no hinder healthy sleep.
Low speed<30dB, High speed<38dB

Aromatherapy Healing, Sweep all day

Add 1~2 drops of fragrance liquid to the scented cotton, air circulation,full of fragrance.

USB Output Rechargeable mobile phone

The device is equipped with a USB charging interface, which can charge electronic equipment emergency.
Power switch, USB output port, Type-C input port.

1. Anti-fingerprint matte metal shell
2. 360° micro-hole air inlet grid
3. Replaceable integrated filter

Product Information

Type: Portable UVC Car Air Purifier
Application: For home/car/office
Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy
Type C Input: 5V=1A
USB output: 5V=1A
Main Color: Dark gray
Power: ≤3W
Size: 170x65x65mm
UV light power: 1.5w*3
UV wave length: UVC 260-280mm
Filter: H13 HEPA Filter
Filter life: 500h
Fan: Turbo fan
Noise: <38db
Working temperature: -10℃ to 45℃
LED lamp life: 10000h
Quality Certification: CE FCC RoHS
Accessory: Type C Charging cable*1

Additional information

Weight N/A